How Can Outdated Windows Impact The Overall Energy Efficiency Of A Home

Feb 26, 2024

The Impact Old Windows Have on Your Energy Bill

As homes age the materials they’re made from start to wear down, especially in older homes. Newer homes have more energy-efficient windows made from more durable, long lasting materials, and are designed to be more efficient overall. By replacing the old windows in your home with more energy-efficient windows you will lower the cost of your energy bill. With more energy efficiency in your home it will cost much less to run your heat and cool your home.

Whether it’s the old style of the window, the lack of upkeep and maintenance, or simply the age of the window, having older windows in your home can have an impact on the overall performance. Continue reading about home window energy efficiency and how holding on to older windows can have an impact on your energy bill.

Single-Pane Glass Windows

Old windows are often less energy-efficient due to their design. Often we find homes with outdated windows that are single-pane windows. This means that the windows only have one layer of glass, which can result in a higher energy bill due to heat escaping the home during winter, and hot air coming in during the summer. When your home struggles to maintain a consistent temperature your HVAC and heating systems work harder and are less efficient. Having efficient windows in your home definitely increases the overall energy efficiency which lowers the cost to cool and heat your home. Another downside to single-pane windows is how little sound they block compared to modern windows. Double-pane windows are without a double more energy-efficient and make it easier to maintain the same temperature throughout your home.

Air Leaking Out of Old Window Frames

Existing windows in an older home can develop issues with air leaking in or out and causing dramatic temperature shifts within your home. This can let heat into your home and cause your HVAC system to work overtime to ensure the air in your home stays cool. Old windows can have broken seals, deteriorated frames, and can even become cracked due to how much the foundation has shifted over many years. Materials can break down causing the window frame to have gaps and holes which allow air to easily flow. Newer window frames are much more energy-efficient because they will be sealed properly during installation and reduce the heat and cool air that can come in or out. A home with new and efficient windows has a more stable temperature.

Window Cracks & Loose Window Glass

As windows age they can become cracked or loosen from the window frame making them less efficient. If your home has windows with gas fill, the gas will immediately leak out if the glass is cracked, and if the crack is large enough on a single-pane window it can cause outside air to leak into the home. The same concept applies if the glass has become loose and there is no seal; a window with glass that isn’t sealed is much less efficient.

What Causes Windows to Age

No matter what materials you’re using for your windows over time they will begin to show signs of wear and tear. Some materials last longer than others and can be more easily maintained. Wood windows are a very delicate natural material and decay faster than a window made out of a more durable, synthetic material. Choosing to replace your older, wooden windows with a stronger material like vinyl will ensure a longer lifespan for your windows. The glass window panes can get weakened over time by chips, cracks, and sealant degrading. Any signs of this should be addressed sooner than later since a window that has gone through years of decay and possible neglect are rarely very energy-efficient. An older window is likely to leak air around the edges, potentially letting humidity, water, and pests into your home. Choosing a high quality, modern window pane will result in a longer lasting, stronger glass.

Efficiency of Windows with Gas Fill

Many energy efficient windows have a non-flammable gas which lives between two panes of window glass that helps with insulation. There are multiple great benefits to having these energy-efficient windows. Having double-pan, gas filled windows in your home can greatly reduce the cost of running your heat or air condition. With an energy-efficient option like gas-fill there is an additional layer of insulation that reduces the solar radiation, lowering the heat that comes into your home during the warmer months, and helps your home maintain a more stable temperature during the winter. A double-pane window filled with this gas also muffles noise pollution helping to keep unwanted sounds out of your home. These high efficiency windows work great in climates that have extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum and truly increase the energy performance of your home.

Benefits of Replacing Existing Windows

There are many benefits to having your windows replaced. Energy efficiency is very important since old windows are often responsible for a large portion of energy lost in an older home. Replacing your windows will increase property value, curb appeal, reduce noise pollution, and more.

Double pane glass

Double-pane windows will immediately make a difference in your home after installation. As a more energy efficient window it will reduce the cost to run your air conditioning and heat. These windows have an additional layer of glass, and may even have gas fill which both increase the energy efficiency of the windows. A home with newer, double-pane windows will without a doubt have a lower energy bill and have an easier time maintaining a consistent temperature keeping cold air out during the winter, and the heat inside. Not only do double-pane glass windows help with energy efficiency, and are more environmentally friendly, but they also can increase the value of your home.

Sound Proofing & Functioning Window Mechanisms

With newer and more efficient windows you get more benefits than just energy efficiency. Many high performance windows do a great job at reducing sound leak that comes through the window. These windows are very well sealed during home installation, and the energy-efficient design keeps not only air from coming into the home but sound too.

Newer energy-efficient windows often have much better mechanics than older windows. Older windows can get stuck on their track from the home shifting over time which can cause locks and latches to be out of commission. Not only are newer windows energy-efficient, but they are often more functional. Installation of newer windows means you won’t have stuck windows in your home, and don’t have to worry about the safety of a window that won’t lock properly.

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Regardless of whether your windows are older or have been replaced in the last few years it’s always a good idea to have regular inspections done to ensure they’re not malfunctioning. Anytime a window can be repaired or maintained it prolongs the lifespan of the window, increases its general energy efficiency, and reduces large repair costs later on. Maintenance issues only get worse over time, and generally speaking become exponentially worse the longer they’re ignored. With McCloud you’re working with experts who have devoted time into training and studying the installation of windows and how to best maintain them. Our team goes beyond to ensure you’re receiving excellent service. As homeowners we understand what it means to put your home in someone else’s hands to be certain everything is working correctly, so our team provides detailed reports, updates, and open communication with home owners and property managers during the entire process.Contact McCloud today and get a quote for window repairs, window maintenance, or window replacement near Columbus, Ohio today.