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Enhance Your Home With Help from McCloud Windows

New windows improve the look and feel of your Columbus home – inside and out. When
it’s time to say goodbye to your current windows, McCloud Windows will get the job
done right. We offer high-quality products in a wide range of styles, from small
casements to large picture windows to patio doors and more. Each window is locally
made and custom built for a perfect fit in your home. Our experienced team of factory-
trained installers makes sure everything is installed with care and precision for results
you’ll love for years to come. Let us help you transform your Columbus, Ohio home with
professional window installation.

Window Installation

Quality Windows Built Just For You

Quality is important when it comes to windows. That’s why we use high-quality, value-
driven products that come with a lifetime warranty. Each window is custom made to fit
your Columbus home’s needs and style, and we source our products from local
manufacturers. Each window also has an ENERGY STAR rating to help reduce your
energy costs.


A Wide Range of Options

We offer installation on a variety of window types for your Columbus, Ohio home,

  • Double hung
  • Sliders (2 lite sliders and 3 lite sliders)
  • Picture
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Casements
  • Awning
  • Garden
  • Patio doors
  • Specialty (rounds, half rounds, octagons)

    Features and Benefits

    Different window features offer different benefits for your Columbus home, including
    style, quality and energy efficiency.



    • Cove molded sash detail replicates the look of classic wood windows
    • Shadow grooved sash welds replicate the classic look of mitered wood corners
    • Hide internal systems while eliminating unsightly visible sash stops with full
      balance covers
    • Low-profile tilt latches sit subtly out of view but easily engage when sashes need
      to be titled for cleaning
    • Preserve optical clarity by shedding water and resisting dirt and grime with
      BetterVue insect screening with Water Shed Technology. This creates a more
      brilliant outward view with air flow improved by 20%

    Energy Efficiency

    • Keep indoor and outdoor environments separate with IdeaSeal triple protection weather seal
    • Enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle with multi-chambered vinyl construction that provides superior strength and thermal efficiency

    Professional Window Installation in Columbus, Ohio

    Proper installation is crucial to making sure your replacement window performs like it should. The window installers on our team have been with us since day one and are one of the main reasons we’re so highly rated in Columbus. Each installer is a true professional who’s factory-trained, manufacturer-certified and has at least 10 years of experience. Our team is extremely knowledgeable about our products and capable of doing quality work and achieving outstanding results for your Columbus home.

    Our Process


    When working with us, you can expect excellent customer service and quality work from start to finish. We start by discussing your window needs and goals and providing a quote. When you’re ready for installation, our Columbus team takes measurements for the replacement windows so we get the right fit. We then hand off the measurements to the manufacturer, who creates custom windows using the exact dimensions needed.

    When these are ready, we return to your home to install them. Installation for 10 windows typically takes one or two days. We start by removing the old ones and inserting the replacement windows in the opening. Once the new window is in place, our installer adds insulation around it to support energy efficiency and help increase your energy savings. The new windows will be finished nicely on the inside and outside of your home, and everything will be caulked into place using high-grade caulking. This ensures a weather-tight seal inside and outside.

    Tips for Having Replacement Windows Installed

    To ensure the best possible experience and results, consider these tips.

    Prep the workspace

    Before we arrive to install the replacement windows, we kindly ask you leave at least 3 feet of working room and remove the blinds and curtains.

    Give new windows time

    New windows may need to be cleaned after the install. We recommend waiting at least 48 hours to do so. We also recommend waiting 48 hours before you start operating them.

    Quality Windows Built Just For You

    Having new windows installed impacts the appearance and comfort of your home.

    Improved Curb Appeal

    Old, dirty windows can make a house appear dated and worn. Window replacement spruces up your home’s appearance and improves curb appeal.

    Increased Home Value

    Window replacement raises the value of your home. You’ll typically recoup about 70% of your investment, and Columbus homebuyers appreciate already having nice windows in place.

    Reduced Energy Costs

    New windows with an ENERGY STAR rating are more energy efficient than old ones. They’ll keep warm air inside during the winter, cool air inside during the summer, and help you save money on your energy bills.

    Enhanced Security

    Windows that lock and can only be opened from inside the home, as well as ones that don’t open at all, help protect your family from unwanted visitors.

    Noise Reduction

    Don’t let outdoor noises disrupt your inside environment. New window options reduce the amount of noise that enters your home.

    Our Difference

    Quality Windows Built Just For You

    How do you know when your Columbus home needs window replacement? Experiencing cold air drafts may be a sign that the seals are worn and not working right. Difficulty opening and closing is inconvenient and may hint at underlying issues. Condensation on the glass and cracks or other damage on the frame also indicate that it’s time to have new windows installed.

    Benefits of Hiring Professional Installers

    You may be able to get away with replacing a first-story window or two yourself, but when your whole home needs window installation, it’s time to call in the professionals. We’ll install custom solutions made to fit your home and make sure everything’s installed correctly.

    Join the McCloud Family

    We treat customers like family from the moment you call us to the moment we leave your home. You can expect professional service performed by factory-certified installers with years of experience and an eye for detail. We only use high-quality, value-driven products, so you know your windows are designed to last.

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