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Replacing the windows in your house is an excellent way to improve your home’s curb appeal, reduce utility bills, increase the value of your home, and much more. If you’re looking for new windows in Westerville, OH, contact McCloud Windows. We offer high-quality products and professional window installation performed by our team of experts.

What to Consider When You Replace Your Windows

When preparing to replace your windows, there’s a lot to consider. Spend time learning about the different types of replacement windows available and their different features, then determine which is best for your home. Think about your goals for the project and consider if you should hire professional window installers rather than installing new window products on your own. If you have questions about window replacement, we’re happy to discuss your project and provide a quote.

High-Quality Replacement Windows

Swapping your old windows for high-quality replacement windows is crucial for ensuring they last a long time and provide the benefits you’re looking for. At McCloud Windows, we offer value-driven products made from durable materials. Our windows are custom made to ensure they properly fit your home and come with a lifetime warranty so you can feel confident in your purchase. Each window also has an ENERGY STAR rating so you can see how efficient it is. Different homes require different styles of windows, and we have a wide selection to make sure you get the right ones for your space.
High-Quality Replacement Windows
Hire a Professional Window Company in Ohio

Hire a Professional Window Company in Ohio

Make sure your new window products are installed properly the first time. Find a professional window installation company you can trust, like McCloud Windows. Our window installers are factory trained and have experience working with a variety of window types. Our experience combined with our top-notch products means you can count on us to do quality work and deliver gorgeous results.

When you choose us, you’re more than a customer – you’re part of the McCloud family. We’ll explain our process and provide a quote before beginning work so you know what to expect. We can help you decide which window products are the best choice for your home and we are happy to answer questions about your window replacement project.

New and Replacement Windows

Replacement Options

We offer windows in a variety of styles so you can choose the ones that best fit your home exterior and interior aesthetic. Our vinyl window options include double hung, 2 lite sliders, 3 lite sliders, bow, bay, casements, picture, garden windows, awning windows, patio doors, and specialty solutions. We locally source our windows, which are custom made to fit your home and come with a lifetime warranty.
Wide Range of Options

Choose the Best Window Materials

Different windows offer different benefits, so it’s important to choose ones made with the best materials. Vinyl is known for its ability to prevent cold air from seeping in during the winter and block hot air from coming in during the summer. Fiberglass is another popular material.

If your current windows have a single pane of glass, swapping them for windows with two panes of glass can improve efficiency and help keep your home a comfortable temperature. Choosing windows that also have a low-emissivity coating on the glass can boost their efficiency even more, helping block the sun from heating up your home too much during warmer months.

Energy Efficiency


Every window we offer has an ENERGY STAR rating to show it meets strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Windows with this rating are a great choice because they can help prevent drafts and reduce your utility bills.

Replacing Your Home’s Windows Offers Great Benefits

Replacement windows provide a range of benefits over old, outdated windows.

Improved Home Exterior

Installing new windows is a great way to improve your Westerville, Ohio home’s curb appeal and achieve a specific design style. It also updates the appearance of your home’s interior.

Increased Value

In addition to looking great, new windows can boost the value of your home. Having your windows replaced can be a smart decision if you are considering selling your house in the future.

Lower Bills

Energy-efficient windows can help you cut down spending on utilities. On average, people save 15% to 25% per year on their utility bills by installing new windows.

Greater Security

Some window types have locks, only open from the inside of the house, or don’t open at all. These options offer added security and help prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home.

Less Noise

Outside sounds like cars, sirens, or noisy neighbors can be irritating. New windows are designed to better block outdoor noises so you can enjoy a quieter living space.

Replacing Your Home's Windows Offers Great Benefits

Our Process

We want to make your experience with us the best it can be. Here’s what to expect when working with our team in Westerville, OH.

Book an Appointment

Book an Appointment

Contact us to set up a time to talk. We’ll discuss your window goals, explain the options we have available, learn more about your project, and provide an estimate.

We Take Measurements

We Take Measurements

Before installing new products, our team will take measurements of the window space so we know exactly what size we need for a precise fit.

Custom Window Creation

Custom Window Creation

We then send the measurements to our local manufacturer, who uses the provided dimensions to create custom window products designed to perfectly fit your home.

Windows Installed


When the new window products are finished, we bring them to your home and our team of factory-trained professionals installs them. We can typically install up to 10 windows per day.

Insulation is Added

Insulation is Added

After installing the new windows, we add insulation to help keep indoor air in and outdoor air out. This provides a more energy-efficient solution so you can enjoy lower utility costs. We also apply a high-grade caulk to both sides of the window to create a weather-tight seal.

Is it Time for Replacement Windows?

There are several signs to look for to help you decide if now’s the time for window replacements. Experiencing cold drafts is a sign that the seals may have worn down and are now allowing outside air to seep into your house. If your utility bills are increasing, air may be coming in through the window when it shouldn’t be. A window that has cracked glass, a damaged frame, or is difficult to open may also need to be replaced. Seeing condensation form on the glass is another sign of potential issues. These are all signs that you may be in need of window replacements.
Is it Time for Replacement Windows?
Hire McCloud for Your Westerville, Ohio Home

Hire McCloud for Your Westerville, OH Home

Are you in need of replacement windows Westerville OH? McCloud Windows offers professional window replacement performed by factory-certified installers, so you can count on quality work and stunning results. We use value-driven, locally sourced products that are custom made to fit your home. Our windows even come with a lifetime guarantee. When you work with McCloud, you get an experienced team, durable products, work performed with attention to detail, and excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote.

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