The Role of Windows in Home Security and Safety

Sep 27, 2023

Creating a More Secure Home with McCloud Windows

Home security comes in many different forms including the windows throughout your home. Modern, functioning windows provide an additional level of security making sure that your windows aren’t a weak point in your home defense. McCloud Windows provides strong, safe, and secure windows through our window repair and installation services in Central Ohio. Our team provides thorough and in depth inspection of your existing windows, measuring the exact space to have windows designed and manufactured specifically for your home. Window security is often overlooked and improperly functioning windows are commonly ignored and put off for far too long. Investing in new windows increases home security and provides other great benefits. Contact our team at McCloud Windows to learn more about our window services or get an estimate for your home. Continue reading this guide to learn more about how windows play a role in your home security.

Safety & Security Benefits of Modern Windows

Older homes often have original or older windows that are broken or have common issues functioning properly. Broken latches, windows stuck closed, and windows that can’t lock are just some of the downsides of having older windows that haven’t been properly maintained. When living in a home with deteriorating or broken windows there are downsides that impact the overall safety for you and your loved ones. McCloud Windows offers home window repairs and window replacements to ensure that your windows are keeping your home safe and secure. McCloud Windows’ high quality, custom designed windows are made by local manufacturing companies we partner with to fit your specific home and come with a lifetime warranty. We truly believe in the products we’re designing and installing, and entrust that when maintained properly they will have a great lifespan and provide security and more.

Secure Locks & Latches

Locks and latches on windows can be the difference between an intruder entering your home or not. Windows without a functional locking mechanism lack the basics for home protection and security. Intruders can easily use excessive force to break through the glass windows or doors, however their ideal break-in doesn’t involve breaking any window glass at all. A broken window could mean a home security alarm is triggered by glass break sensors detecting the incident. Windows that can’t properly lock are an opportunity for an intruder to enter the home without making any noise or triggering any home security systems that could otherwise alert you or the police. Even in some circumstances where the locks work perfectly fine they may not provide any practical use because of the shifting foundation in an older house. Some windows can shift within their window frames over time causing a misalignment with the latching systems. Ensuring your windows can be properly locked adds another layer of window safety in your home.

Home Emergency Exits

When older houses shift it means the foundation of the home is moving underneath the house itself. Oftentimes in situations where the foundation has shifted and needs repairs the windows get stuck and windows throughout the house can no longer open correctly, or even at all. In the event that there is an emergency inside of the home, like a fire it is important to have emergency exit points with your windows. Windows that are unable to slide within the frame to open can become a major safety concern. Stuck windows can be frustrating for a variety of safety reasons, but they can also be a security risk. In the event that a window gets stuck open you are not able to lock the window leaving yourself exposed as an easy target. Leaving a window unsecured at all times can be dangerous.

Broken Window Glass

Broken glass in windows can be a safety concern for several reasons. The most obvious is that the glass is less secure in the window frame and could potentially come loose. In some situations the glass itself has broken not because it has been struck by something, but because the foundation has shifted causing the house and the frames of the windows also shift. Building pressure on panes of the windows causes cracks and breaks for form. Broken glass can also be more easily removed by an intruder who can use the cracks in the windows as weak points. While intruders don’t like to draw attention to the house they’re breaking into, windows that already have broken glass can be more easily entered.

Additional Benefits of Functioning Windows

Replacing home windows is something most homeowners only do a few times throughout their lives. Replacement windows can cost more than most people want to spend, however the benefits aren’t just for home security. Getting new windows installed in your house provides a variety of benefits such as higher energy efficiency, increased property value, overall visual appeal, room functionality, and sound dampening from outside noise pollution. New windows can revitalize a room making it feel more purposeful and could mean you’re letting fresh air into the room for the first time in many years.

Energy Efficient

There is no comparison when looking at the energy efficiency of modern windows when held against older windows. The sheer quality of modern materials are enough to make a noticeable impact and it is clear that newer windows will always outperform older, withering wood window frames. Fiberglass outperforms all other materials used for windows, especially wood windows. When the seals on windows shift, crack, or become broken moisture and air can leak through which reduces energy efficiency. Regular window maintenance can definitely help, but after a certain age it is more costly to continue resealing and maintaining older windows. In a home with many broken seals, cracked glass panes, and leaking airflow the climate of every room suffers and central air and heating can struggle to keep up with the constant drafts and changing temperatures.

Property Value

Having new windows installed is an excellent way to increase the property value of a home, especially in homes that have older, wooden windows. Windows that are damaged, unable to open or close, or aren’t energy efficient can decrease the value of your house. Windows that are newer have greater appeal, and their overall benefits make for a great investment. If you are looking to put a house up for sale, newer windows can increase overall attraction to the house for potential home buyers. McCloud Windows offers a variety of different window styles and handles many different types of windows. Because all of the windows we install are custom made for your home, having modern windows installed will work perfectly. An increased property value is a great way to increase property investments.

Visual Appeal & Function

Whether you plan to sell your home or live in it forever, new windows can provide great curb appeal. Newer windows add a level of polish to a home in a way that is truly noticeable. If your home is going to be listed on the real estate market, increased curb appeal is very important. Many home buyers aren’t looking to make further investments on a home immediately after moving into their new home. OVerall functionality can be a dealbreaker too. Rooms can be utilized in new ways with windows that open properly, so even if you don’t have plans to sell your home functional windows can have a big impact.

Sound Dampening

While modern, functioning windows have great security benefits there are additional benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Windows that are properly installed, sealed, and have no cracks can reduce noise pollution tremendously. An older house that hasn’t been maintained likely has noise pollution problems. Even small cracks in the window frame seal can allow more sound to enter into the home. Gas fill can be added between double paned windows in order to maximize sound dampening and reduce sounds coming from the outside. Any cracked windows that originally had gas fill will have leaked out and have reduced the sound dampening qualities of the double paned window. Even in more quiet neighborhoods having efficient windows can dampen lawn mowers, music, and kids playing outside.

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