Should I Replace All Windows At Once?

Dec 1, 2020

New windows accomplish a lot, from improving the look of your house to filling your home with natural light and fresh air. High-quality windows last a long time – about 15 to 20 years – but will eventually need to be replaced. When that time comes, is it best to replace a single window, or all windows at the same time? Here’s a closer look the pros and cons to help you decide if you should replace all windows at once.

Why is window replacement important?

There are a number of great reasons to have the windows in your home replaced. The most noticeable is that new, quality windows can improve the appearance of an old house, including your home’s interior and exterior. Whether you’re looking to change the style of your windows or simply want newer, better-looking ones, a window replacement project can help you accomplish this. New windows can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your utility bills. New, high-quality windows can also increase the value of your home, reduce exterior noise, and make your home more secure.

Discuss your home’s window needs with a professional

Whether you need new windows for functional reasons or aesthetics, a window replacement and repair company can help you decide which windows are right for your home improvement project. The McCloud Windows team is here to discuss your window needs and goals, provide expert opinions, show you the best options available in our showroom, and explain the window replacement and repair process.

Why is it important to replace windows?

Signs it’s time for new windows

How do you know when to hire a company to replace your old windows? Consider how well your existing windows function, what they look like, and their level of energy efficiency. This can help you determine if you need new windows, as well as if you should replace all windows or just one window.

Poor window function

How well are your windows working? Are there any that are worn out, broken, or difficult to open? If so, you’ll want to replace them. If there’s only one problem window and the rest are working just fine, it may make sense to simply replace the one window. However, if multiple windows are no longer in the best condition, it can save you time and money, in the long run, to replace all of the windows at the same time.

Out of style

Windows help you achieve a specific style for your home. However, old windows can quickly make a home appear outdated. If your existing windows leave your house looking old or just aren’t the style you want any more, it may be time to replace them. If you want to update the overall look and feel of your house, replacing all the windows can make your house look nicer and newer. It can also help you achieve a certain style, such as making your house look more modern. Replacing one or two out-of-style windows is also an option, but it may not make as big of an impact.

Not energy efficient

If your electric bills are higher than they should be, old windows could be to blame. Drafty windows can let cold air seep in during the winter or hot air in during the summer, making your heating and cooling system work harder to maintain the ideal indoor temperature. Replacing your windows with more energy-efficient options can improve your home’s energy efficiency. If you can pinpoint an air draft to one specific window, then you might try just replacing that single window. However, replacing only one window won’t help much if all windows are contributing to the problem.

What to consider when replacing old windows

There’s a lot to think about when replacing windows, especially when you’re deciding between replacing a single window and every window. Before the window installers show up, be sure to consider how a window replacement project will affect your home’s appearance, your wallet, and your schedule.

Energy Efficiency


If you’re looking to improve a specific part of your home, such as the kitchen or a living room wall, replacing one or two windows might suffice. Similarly, if you want to add a bay window for aesthetics or a sliding window for functionality, you may not need to replace the other windows. Keep in mind, however, that replacing one window likely won’t drastically change your home’s appearance. Replacing multiple windows at one time can make a bigger visual impact.


It may be easy to assume that the best way to save money on window replacement is to replace as few windows as possible, but that’s not always the case. In fact, replacing all windows at once will often cost less than if you replace just one window at a time over a longer time span. When you replace multiple windows at a time, the window company may offer a discount. If your budget only allows for a single-window replacement, that’s ok. If all of your windows need to be replaced and you can afford to replace them all at the same time, that may be the more cost-effective solution.


How much of an inconvenience will it be to have window installers working on your home? While the McCloud Windows team works as efficiently as possible, replacing windows takes time. Replacing multiple windows at the same time may take longer than replacing a single window, but you’ll only need it done once and then you’ll be set for several years. Alternatively, replacing a single window takes less time, but you’ll probably need to replace the other windows at some point too, resulting in multiple window replacements in a given time span.

Should I replace all windows at once?

Deciding whether or not you should replace all of your windows at the same time comes down to personal preference. Replacing a single-window is an easy solution to a poorly functioning window, a great way to make a small style change, and is less expensive in the short term. However, replacing multiple windows has benefits, too.

When it’s best to replace all windows at once

Replacing all windows at one time is the best way to update the appearance of your home, resolve poorly functioning windows, and boost energy efficiency. If your budget allows, it can also cost less money in the long run.

Consult a professional window replacement company

Still not sure what the right decision for your home is? A professional window replacement company can help you decide. We’ll discuss your goals and the status of your current windows, show you the best replacement windows in our showroom, and help you understand the window replacement process.

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