How Do I Know When My Windows Need Replacing

Feb 16, 2023

Home Energy and Window Replacement

Rising Utility Bills

Determining whether or not the windows in your home need replacing can be difficult to do on your own. One helpful way to check if your windows need replacing is to monitor your utility bills. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if windows are leaking and causing your energy bill to increase. Inefficient or damaged windows in your home can even cause your utility bill to increase monthly as the problem worsens. Without knowing when windows were installed or what the signs are to know when they should be replaced it’s difficult to tell, so monitoring your energy usage from month-to-month can be a great indicator. McCloud Windows offers Energy Star-certified windows that create a great barrier for properties in areas with harsh climates like Ohio. 

Window Seals and Drafts

With home windows a consistent draft is a definite sign that it’s time to look into window replacement. Efficient windows should never have a draft, but windows with a broken seal have a big impact on the moisture and temperature control of your home. Without a good window seal you will have more trouble heating a home in the winter, and cooling in during the warmer months. Knowing your windows are stopping the cold air from entering your home will give you peace of mind. 

Energy Efficiency Information

Because older windows have so many problems, older windows almost always cause a decrease in how energy efficient your house is. Replacement windows can increase how efficient your house is anywhere from 15-25% over a twelve month period. There are even high energy options for windows that will be even more efficient over the period of their life. We offer high quality and energy efficient windows which make an immediate difference during the more extreme winters and hot summers. Talking to a McCloud Windows representative will help you best determine your window needs and whether or not high energy efficient windows are the right choice for you. 

Windows in Older Homes

General Home Decay

It’s common knowledge that older homes don’t have the most efficient windows. As homes age the windows naturally will decay over time, and if the previous owners of a home didn’t properly maintain the windows, there is a good chance they need to be replaced. This decay can show in several ways from a crumbling frame, to cracks in the window glass. If the home you’re living in is showing signs of aging, it could be worth your time to schedule a consultation with a window expert. With homes built in different decades the style of windows differs widely. We can install a variety of windows including bay windows, garden windows, picture windows, awning windows, double hung windows, many specialty windows, and more. 

Moving Foundations

Windows in a home with an older foundation shift over time, which has an impact on the framing of a house. This shift almost always impacts door frames and window frames causing right angles of windows and their frames to be pushed and pulled, and can result in air leakage, gaps in the frame, and many other issues that will become more apparent over time. A glass window can even crack from the pressure over a long period of time. If you’ve recently repaired your foundation, call McCloud Windows as it may be a good time to replace your windows. 

Updating to Double-Pane Windows

Older homes often have single-pane windows, which have a handful of drawbacks. A single-pane window can still provide the bare minimum, however the design of a double-pane glass window is simply more energy efficient, will better keep moisture out, and will help regulate room temperature. Single-pane windows aren’t able to have gas fill, which airs with insulation. If the windows in your home are single-pane this is a great gauge to understand if you need to have them replaced.

Replace Weaker Windows

The glass on older windows becomes weaker over time which can lead to different problems. Glass can become more brittle the more it is exposed to the outdoor elements. The older the window, the more likely the window frame has suffered damage and has begun eroding. Single-pane windows can also show visible signs of wear and tear, which makes them less appealing. These fragile windows can cause safety issues, energy problems, and are just less appealing. If you think it may be time to replace your single-pane windows, give us a call and request some information regarding making those updates to your home.

Sound dampening through Home Windows 

Increased Home Value

Double-Pane Blocking Sound

Depending on the area that you live in and the noise pollution happening around your home your windows may need to be updated in order to properly dampen external sounds. Single-pane windows will block the least amount of sound, so updating to double-pane windows can help reduce noise pollution from entering your home. Some windows have ratings based on the amount of noise the glass can reduce, but any improvement in window quality will help create a quieter environment inside your home. One of our technicians will be able to help you determine whether updating your current windows will result in a more efficient sound barrier and what kind of windows are best suited for your environment. 

Windows Damaged Beyond Repair

Damaged Glass and Frames

When the window glass itself has suffered damage there is no doubt that the windows are not functioning as best as they should be. The more cracks in the glass the more likely you will have issues with moisture and temperature control, but any cracks is an indicator that it is time to replace the broken glass, or the entire window itself. If the window frame itself has accrued damage, it can cause just as many problems and is another good indicator that it’s time to have your home looked at by a professional. 

Repairing vs Replacing

There are some instances where windows would be otherwise perfect except for a small crack or some other minor damage that has taken place. In these particular scenarios it doesn’t make sense to replace the entire window, especially if the frames of your windows were installed more recently and have been properly maintained throughout their lifetime. Glass replacement is a great way to make sure that your newer windows remain energy efficient and continue to do so for a long time. If you’re unsure whether or not the glass in your windows should be replaced, reach out to us!

Moisture and Condensation Inside Windows

Leaking Windows: Water damage

Cracks in a window can lead to leaking of water and other liquids. If your windows have suffered any bad cracks water damage may begin to occur which can lead to even bigger problems, including mold and mildew buildup in the walls. The seal around the window frame can also accrue damage or just degrade over time, so even though the glass may be intact, a damaged window frame can still allow leakage. Whether you would need to replace or repair the window frames is entirely dependent on each individual case and we would be happy to give you a quote on your window replacement project.

Broken Windows: Gas Fill 

Gas fill is a non-flammable gas that is filled in between two window panes in order to increase insulation, which in turn aids with temperature control. As an added bonus, sound waves have a more difficult time traveling through windows with gas fill, which increases the amount of sound dampening that occurs. The gas fill in a double pane window will quickly leak out if the window is cracked, and it goes without saying that the dead space between the glass panes can’t be refilled if the cracked window is not replaced.

Windows not functioning properly

Window Locks and Safety

If you’ve ever lived in an older home with the original windows you have probably experienced windows that don’t quite function as well as they should. It’s not uncommon to see older windows that are stuck and unable to slide or pivot open. You also may have encountered window frames that have shifted with the foundation of the house over years and now the locks don’t line up; these windows may be forever locked shut, or in some cases unable to lock at all. All of these malfunctioning windows create safety issues for anyone living in the home, whether that’s needing to open a window in an emergency situation, or just being forced to leave your windows unsecured 24/7. 

Increasing Your Home Value

These forever-stuck windows are just generally a pain to deal with, but beyond that they can impact the value of your home. Homebuyers and renters won’t find stuck windows very appealing, and properly functioning windows have a big impact on whether or not someone is interested in the property. Even if you’re not interested in selling or renting your home, having functioning windows can impact how you’re able to utilize and enjoy each room. 

Schedule A Consultation to Replace Your Windows

If you’re still unsure whether it’s time to replace your current windows, and it has been more than 15-20 years since you’ve had new windows installed or had them inspected, we recommend calling and scheduling a home inspection to see if replacement windows are right for you. Windows are an important part of a home and making sure all  of your windows are functioning to its highest potential is something that we specialize in. We’re proud to continue providing high-quality and professional window installation services and can provide a free estimate on your next window renovation.