What Type Of Windows Last The Longest

Jul 27, 2023

Longest Lasting Windows

Window installation is a big investment for your home and as window experts we understand that choosing the right type of window can be a bit of an overwhelming task. While our experienced team is ready and willing to provide any information you need and give our recommendations for what windows your home would benefit most from, it’s helpful for homeowners to have a baseline of window replacement knowledge. There are many benefits to having new windows such as the cooling costs of your house, safety, noise pollution, etc. The lifespan and durability of windows can vary widely depending on factors such as the material used, the state of the house and its foundation, installation, and more.

Home window replacement is a large investment and there are different paths homeowners can take and some options may suit your needs better, so we work with customers to ensure they’re not only getting a good quality product designed to fit their home perfectly, but make sure the materials and types of windows being installed fit your budget and goals. Because the type of windows and the material used to make them truly makes a difference we want every homeowner, whether you’re planning to sell the home or stay in it for a lifetime, to make well informed decisions with the help of our team of experts. Continue reading to learn more about how the different replacement windows have different benefits, drawbacks, and how to better narrow down the material used for your windows so you feel more prepared to make the right decisions.

McCloud Windows: Window Experts

McCloud Windows has worked all across central Ohio to repair, maintain, and replace windows for both commercial and residential properties. We are proud to have our work showcased all across the city. We work with local manufacturers to create every custom window going into a building. We understand that quality of work and relationships are what make a great product and our team is dedicated to bringing the best of our craft to every project and continuing to work with our local partners to make sure every single custom window fits perfectly. New windows can reduce energy consumption, lower noise pollution, keep unwanted pests from entering through cracks and broken seals, and more! If you are interested in receiving a quote for your window replacement project fill out the form on our website!

Why Windows Age

Because no matter what materials you use the windows will still show signs of aging over time it is important to understand how replacement windows age and what that may look like for your home. Whether you’re looking to install classic wood windows, aluminum windows, vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, or windows made from another material they will all experience erosion, but some window types will hold up longer than others.

Window sealant should be checked by a trained professional who will be able to make a clear distinction on whether or not the sealant needs to be reapplied. This maintenance is an important part of keeping all windows in good condition so you aren’t left with larger repairs from leaking water or moisture buildup. As windows age over the years the material used to seal around the window can degrade and cause further issues with the window itself. Most high quality glass used for manufacturing window panes is durable, however glass is still susceptible to breaks, cracks, and chips. This can lead to other problems like moisture buildup, leaking, and more. For windows that have an insulated gas between the panes this gas can leak out causing the windows to be less energy efficient. As foundations shift and homes move the window frames can become misaligned with the house. In most cases at minimum this causes small gaps to form around the window letting air, moisture, and unwanted pests in through small holes. In worst case scenarios the window panes can crack and become damaged from the pressure of the shifting walls.

Overall Price Point & Lifespan of Windows

There are pros and cons that will come with any replacement window regardless of the material used to manufacture and install it, synthetic materials are much less susceptible to natural deterioration from things like the outside climate. Wood windows have a shorter lifespan while Fiberglass windows tend to hold up for much longer. Understanding what window style and material best fits your home is an important part of the process; if you are interested in having your house inspected for window replacement or repairs please reach out to us for more information!

Durability of Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is known for its intense durability for home windows. The durability of fiberglass windows means that the lifespan is much longer than other materials used, hold up more in intense weather, is more energy efficient, and is resistant to common wear and tear symptoms like window frame cracking. Because the durability of fiberglass replacement windows is so strong, these windows can last up to five decades. Fiberglass is also excellent at limiting sound penetration to reduce street noise and general noise pollution surrounding your home.

Overall Energy Efficiency Comparison

When comparing the different common material types for windows the clear winner is fiberglass. In climates where extreme weather can take place fiberglass is the clear winner as it doesn’t expand or warp under extreme temperatures. Vinyl windows are a great option for some homeowners, however one of the downsides is their expanding and contracting that can occur at irregular temperatures. This is a great benefit with fiberglass windows because the seal around the frame is less likely to become broken letting in air and moisture. As a long-term investment these windows will likely need less maintenance than a wood window which would require resealing in order to maintain their maximum energy efficiency potential. Fiberglass windows are a greater investment up front but because of the additional benefits homeowners receive the increased price point may be worth it for your home.

Common Window Materials: Wood, Vinyl, & Fiberglass

Depending on the needs of the homeowner there are different materials that windows are made from that each offer their own set of benefits and setbacks. Aluminum windows, wood windows, fiberglass windows, and vinyl windows all are offered at different price points. Some materials are more flexible or withstand exposure to the climate differently. Choosing the right windows for your home can be determined by budget, weather, climate, age of the house, and what your intentions are as far as moving or staying in the home.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are a classic look that will always remain in style and a popular option, however the lifespan of wood windows is shorter and because of this you may need to replace them sooner than you would like, even as short as fifteen years if not maintained correctly. Wood windows are more susceptible to wear and tear from the weather because the natural materials degrade overtime. Because wood windows can absorb and retain moisture they are more likely to warp over several years if not installed and sealed properly.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are a cheaper alternative to wood windows and a great option for anyone looking for a lower price point material for their window replacement projects. Because vinyl is a synthetic material it is less likely to erode or deteriorate over time like the natural material of wood. This material is resident to water and you won’t run into pest issues like you may with wood. One downside to vinyl windows is that they can expand and shrink when exposed to extreme heats. Vinyl windows can last up to twice as long as wood windows, however this can vary depending on things like the state of the home, foundation, the local climate, and the quality of maintenance that is done on the windows.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is known as the more durable option and has a functioning lifespan of up to five decades when installed correctly and maintained properly over that time period. Fiberglass windows will require a larger investment upfront, but their lifespan is longer and they are more resistant to deterioration; they are often a great option for homeowners. Fiberglass windows are the most durable windows on the market and because the material is synthetic and strong they are much less likely to warp or crack, and generally don’t erode from climate, moisture, or heat.

Window Maintenance

Like many functional pieces to a home, windows that receive regular professional maintenance tend to reach the full potential of their lifespan. When issues are ignored they tend to grow exponentially and can turn into much larger projects. Leaking windows can cause water damage, windows with broken or worn seals can be an invitation to unwanted pests, and window frames that have shifted result in reduced energy efficiency for your home. Having a professional inspect your windows can be extremely beneficial to give you information on the state of your windows, what their expected continued lifespan could be, and if treating and repairing them can help save you future headaches. Windows that are filled with gas are significantly less energy efficient if the glass cracks and the gas leaks out. If any window panes or window frames aren’t functioning as they are expected to, it may be time to have a professional stop by and do a home inspection of your windows.

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